What Herbs are Good to Take for Dialysis with High Blood Pressure

What Herbs are Good to Take for Dialysis with High Blood PressureOnline Doctor: Hi, I’m a true online doctor, not a robot. Please type your question or leave your email address / phone and get free help!

Visitor: Ok, yes. What herbs are good to take? I am on dialysis and have high blood pressure. Thanks.

Online Doctor: Glad to help. Herbs will be adopted in the light of your specific illness condition. How long have you been on dialysis ?

Visitor: 1 month. I had the hospital admitted, this is an acute event.

Online Doctor: Got it. Do you know what causes your problem?

Visitor: I am not sure. But my doctor told it IgA Nephropathy and Kidney Failure.

Online Doctor: I see. What is your blood pressure now?

Visitor: High blood pressure 180 /100.

Online Doctor: I see, it is too high. Please reduce the water and salt intakes. Do you have any other discomforts?

Visitor: Dizziness, back pain, hard breath, less sleep, eat few and muscle cramp after dialysis.

Online Doctor: I see. Please do not worry. We can help you. For your case, we can send you some related information and suggestion to help ,what is your email id or whatsapp?

Visitor: Why not here? I am tense.

Online Doctor: Words are limited here. And here is someone else waiting for answer. I need to analysis your illness conditions and give you more information about herbs and herb treatments. If possible, please also send you test reports to me.

Visitor: What is your contact information?

Online Doctor: Whatsapp / Phone: +8618395615012, E-mail: kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Visitor: Please contact me via whatsapp.

Online Doctor: Ok, I will contact you as soon as possible. Have a good day .


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