What are Natural Remedies to Control IgA Nephropathy

IgA nephropathy is a kidney issue associated with immune disorder. And the common treatment-steroids can help the IgA nephropathy patients to demand illness condition with lots of side effects. This is a reason why more and more patients seek for natural remedies. While, what are natural remedies to control IgA nephropathy?

For healthy people, our immune system will produce antibodies to fight against antigens and harmful substances, and then immune complexes come out. Later, the circulatory system will eliminate these immune complexes effectively. However, when there are somethings wrong with immune system, not all the enthetic poisons can be defeated and these immune complexes will be accumulated in the kidneys to induce inflammations and renal damage.

So that, the effective treatments for IgA nephropathy need to realize the goal of adjusting immune system, clearing immune complexes and repairing diseased renal cells. Or else, the IgA nephropathy can become renal failure in which dialysis or transplant will be done.

In this connection, Chinese medicine can do better to prevent the course of IgA nephropathy than western medicine.

Compared with western medicine, Chinese medicine have less untoward reactions. So, You won't be hung out to dry when you use Chinese medicine. According to the clinical records, this treatment can help regulate immune system, eliminate immune complexes and protect the residuary renal function. Additionally, it is beneficial to repair the diseased but not necrotic renal cells, and promote the filtration of kidneys. Furthermore, it can also prevent the relapse of IgA nephropathy effectively.

After a period of time of treatment, the patients can find out that their kidney damage is reversible.

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