Creatinine 4.4 Is Chinese Herbal Therapy Still Available in IgA Nephropathy

Creatinine 4.4 Is Chinese Herbal Therapy Still Available in IgA Nephropathy“Hello, sir. My creatinine level becomes sudden high to 4.4 and GFR reduced to 15. And I suffer from IgA nephropathy from childhood. Is Chinese herbal therapy still available for me?” If you have the similar condition as him, please chat with Online Doctor for free suggestions.

You know, IgA nephropathy is caused by the deposited immune complexes in the kidneys. Under normal circumstances, our body can protect ourselves from the injury of extraneous substances. In this process, our immune system will secrete antibody binding antigen, and thus forming immune complexes. Later, the circulate in the body can eliminate these complexes in time. But once the patients have a poor immunity, this step can not work well. So that, these unnecessary substances will be accumulated in the body, resulting in IgA nephropathy.

Now let's move on to Chinese herbal therapy. In contrast to Western medicine which is aimed at dispelling the symptoms fast, Chinese herbal therapy is based on functional analysis of the patient's entire body, and use the body's self-healing abilities along with herbs and other medications.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Full Bath Therapy and other Natural treatments will be adopted to recover the patients’ own detoxification ability through clearing away toxic materials, tonifying kidney, activating blood circulation, anti-inflammatory analgesic, etc.

As long as the kidneys are renovated, the creatinine 4.4 will be reduced naturally, and the patients can prevent kidney failure or dialysis successfully.

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