IgA Nephropathy How Would We Cure Hematuria

IgA Nephropathy How Would We Cure HematuriaFor IgA nephropathy patients, hematuria usually comes out when there is a cold or upper respiratory infection. And then, how would we cure hematuria?

What is hematuria?

Hematuria presents for blood in urine. By the way, not all the red urine is blood urine, the patients need to take urine test to see whether they have gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria. With lots of the hemoglobin lost into urine, the patients will have anemia, low blood pressure and other sufferings. So that, the patients are eager to treat it.

What is the treatment to hematuria for IgA nephropathy patients?

Generally speaking, some immunosuppressive drug like azathioprine and cyclophosphamide will be adopted to adjust the immune system and reduce the immunologic injury to kidneys. Also, some steroids will help control the infections and dispel the hematuria. However, expect the side effect of these medications, they can not dispel the inductive factors of hematuria thoroughly or repair the diseased kidneys. Hence, the hematuria will appears over and over again.

Is there any other option to eliminate hematuria in IgA nephropathy?

To be honest, the reason why the hematuria reoccurs is that the body is too weak to protect itself from cold and infection as well as the inflammations and poisons of the kidney inherent cells are not taken away drastically. Based on this, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine puts forward a new measure named Toxin-Removing Therapy to clean up internal environment, remedy against the inflammations, bring the diseased renal cells back to life, etc. As a result, the kidney function can be improved gradually and safely, the hematuria can keep the negative, and the patients can live a better life.

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