What Chinese Herbal Medicine Is Suggested For Patients With iga Nephropathy.

Hello, I have seen your article, you said that Chinese herbal medicine is a good choice for Patients with renal disease. What Chinese herbal medicine is suggested for iga nephropathy?

I believe that many patients will ask what treatments should be taken and whether it can cure iga nephropathy. As a matter of fact, patients cannot be cured completely, no one can repair dead cells and tissues. Today, All the treatments are applied to help patients to live a Better Life including Dialysis and Transplant.

Chinese Medicine is applied, which not only to the cause of the disease, but also the complication experienced by patients. For example, IF patients have edema, chinese herbal medicines are used in the treatments that help eliminate excess Water in the body. In general, patients with iga nephropathy will accept Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath, Foot bath, Immunotherapy, Toxins-Removing Treatments, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Hot Compress Therapy, Circle Therapy, Steam Therapy, Cupping Therapy, etc.

Immunotherapy will help patients correct the immune system and enhance immunity with the help of the advantages taken Chinese Medicines and Western medicines. Later, patients can dispel the inflammation in the Kidney and protect the body from infection or cold.

The treatment has the effects on clearing away toxins and excess wastes, so it can create a good and healthy internal environment, which will increases the effects of other treatments and relieve complaints through a sequence of natural treatments.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy presents no obvious discomfort, it is an external Application with two medicated bags, which are selected from the physical Status of the patients. While doing so, renal function improved gradually and successfully. As a result, patients can return to a Better Life.

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