Curative treatment for IgA nephropathy with FSGS

Curative treatment for IgA nephropathy with FSGSBoth IgA nephropathy and FSGS are related to immune disorder. Hence, it is not surprising that some patients are diagnosed with both of them at the same time. In this case, kidney disease may deteriorate quickly to renal failure. So patients should take curative treatments to prevent the progression.

How does kidney damage?

To be honest, when harmful substances attack our body, immune system will produce antibodies to fight against these harmful antigens, forming immune complexes. Through circulation system, these immune complexes can be eliminated out of the body. However, when immune system becomes ab, these complexes will be accumulated in our body. For kidney, they will cause inflammatory reaction and kidney damage.

According to the above analysis, curative treatment methods should help regulate immune system, eliminate immune complexes, repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and restore kidney functions fundamentally. Only in this way, both IgA nephropathy and FSGS can be treated completely.

However, what is the curative treatment for IgA nephropathy with FSGS?

In China, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we take Chinese medicine treatments to treat kidney disease, including IgA nephropathy and FSGS. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you.

Through Chinese medicine, this therapy can help regulate immune system, cleanse immune complexes and increase kidney self-immunity. To protect the residual kidney functions from further damage, it can effectively prevent the relapse of IgA nephropathy and FSGS. What is more, this therapy is helpful for patients to repair damaged kidney tissues and restore kidney structures. We make the prescription according to the specific condition of patients. After a period of treatment, you will feel the obvious improvement of the kidney condition.

Compared with traditional steroid and immune stimulants, this therapy can not only repair kidney damage for patients, but also reduce the side effects bring to patients. Thus patients can use it at ease and safely.

If you are interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and want to know more details for IgA nephropathy and FSGS, you can send email to with your phone number or WhatsApp in order to give you professional answer in time or leave message below directly.


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