Is It Possible to Get out of Dialysis with Stage 5 IgA Nephropathy

Is It Possible to Get out of Dialysis with Stage 5 IgA NephropathyStage 5 IgA Nephropathy is one serious stage that patients should take measures to prolong their life and increase their life quality. Dialysis is the common treatment option for patients. However, not all patients want to do dialysis. Is it possible to get out of dialysis with IgA nephropathy stage 5?

How about dialysis to treat IgA nephropathy stage 5?

As for stage 5 patients with IgA nephropathy, their kidneys almost lost the whole functions to work. Thus large amount of harmful substances accumulate in blood which cause immune disorder or death. Dialysis can replace damaged kidneys to eliminate toxins and excess waste products in blood out of the body.

However, long-term dialysis may cause many side effects or abnormal complications. Thus it is not good to correct the condition. Increasing patients want to get out of dialysis.

Is there alternative of dialysis for IgA nephropathy patients?

It is known that kidney transplant is an effective kidney disorder in the end stage renal disease (ESRD). But the abnormal immune system may cause IgA nephropathy occurs again after kidney transplant, because IgA nephropathy is caused by abnormal immune complexes. That is to say, IgA nephropathy may damage the transplanted kidney and patients may suffer from stage 5 kidney disease easily.

To be honest, in addition to kidney transplant, we have other natural treatments in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Purification can help the patients in stage 5 IgA nephropathy. Both of them are aiming to eliminate toxins and complexes in blood out of the body and repair damaged kidney cells and tissues despite they use different methods and theories.

What we should know is that only if kidneys can work, and they can produce urine, patients can get out of dialysis successfully.

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