The Life Expectancy of IgA Nephropathy Patients

The Life Expectancy of IgA Nephropathy PatientsWhat is the life expectancy of IgA patients? Many patients and their family members are curious about this question. But there is not a exact answer for too many factors influence this question. For example, which stage the patients are in? Which kind of treatment dose the patients take? So for IgA Nephropathy patients, what deserve they pay attention to is to try their best to prolong the life expectancy, not just curious about how many years they can live.

According to clinic data, there are 80%~90% of IgA Nephropathy patients can live years, and after 30~40 years, about 20%~30% of IgA Nephropathy patients suffer the renal insufficiency and about 1%~2% of them will stepped into end stage renal disease. In another word, IgA Nephropathy patients only suffer some slight symptoms at the earlier ten years, and it is a chronic disease, so a timely treatment is the key to prolong your life expectancy.

IgA Nephropathy patients in our hospital will accept Immunotherapy which include six step to have a systematic treatment.

1. Special immune examination and diagnose

The tests equipment in our hospital are advanced in all over the world, through these tests, we can know the damage degree of patients and which part of kidney are damaged. At the same time, it can guide the doctor prescribing.

2. Immune clearance

If the patients really are in a serious stage, the blood purification is necessary. Except dialysis, our hospital has introduced the more advanced blood purification technology which can clean the toxins in blood more fully and decrease the complications.

3. Immune block

If patients are in a early stage, they must try their best to block the ultra immune response on kidney, blocking the development of the disease.

4. Immune adjustment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medical Bath with Chinese Herbs, Pedicure and so on , all of them can repair the injured cells and restore the immune system.

5. Immune tolerance

Treating kidney disease is a long time project, patients should be in patient.

6. Immune protect

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine also can protect your immune system.

According to what we mentioned, IgA Nephropathy patients should keep a positive attitude to their disease and have a timely treatment for the long life expectancy. If you are interested in our therapy, contact us online or leave us massages.


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