How Long can I Live with IgA Nephropathy

How Long can I Live with IgA NephropathyIgA Nephropathy(Berger's Disease) refers to an autoimmune disorder, which is featured by deposits of IgA in the mesangial area of the kidneys. Patients usually have such a doubt: How long can I live with IgA nephropathy? And today we will talk about this issue:

Frankly speaking, the prognosis of this disorder varies from individuals to individuals. According to the statistics, some may live with it without presenting any symptoms, and the majority may experience symptoms including microscopic hematuria, proteinuria and so on. In series condition, it will develop into kidney failure eventually. However, accompanied with effective treatment, healthy lifestyle, etc people with this disorder can live a longer live.

Effective treatment Normally, steroids or immunosuppressive agents can be used to eliminate the symptoms. However, they can do nothing to the impaired kidneys. Moreover, long-term use of these drugs may cause side effects to the body.

Here, we provide patients with an effective therapy known as Immunotherapy. It aims at correcting the abnormal immune system and restoring kidney function. And it has obtained good curative effects in recent decades. For more information, feel free to consult with our online doctor!

Healthy lifestyle In daily life, patients also need to pay much attention to changes of lifestyle. As for dietary management, low-salt diet, low-protein diet, low-fat diet, balance of potassium and phosphorus, etc may be suggested. If you would like to know the personalized diet, you can email us the medical And after careful study, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Besides, moderate exercises are also helpful. For example, they can do some walking, swimming, Tai Chi and so on. At the same time, strenuous exercises like basketball, football, etc should be avoided.

If you have been diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, we really hope the above tips can be beneficial. Any other questions, you can leave us a message below.

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