What is the Best Diet Plan for IgA Nephropathy

What is the Best Diet Plan for IgA NephropathyNowadays, more and more IgA nephropathy patients are searching for a best diet plan, then, is there the best diet plan for IgA nephropathy?

In fact, in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, China, according to abundant practices, we have made a characterized diet plan. Even though a characterized diet can not treat the disease, it can help to delay the progression of renal damage and prevent the further renal damage. The detailed diet plan are summarized as follows:


For IgA nephropathy patients, they should limit the intake of salt, too much salt will damage blood vessels, it is not beneficial to control blood pressure. So, a low-salt diet is necessary.


Patients should avoid lots of water, especially for patients with severe edema, too much water will aggravate edema. As we all know, edema is not an easy disease to treat and it will bring great pain to patients both in physical and mental. Thereby, controlling the intake of water is vital.

Phosphorus element

One of the most common signs of IgA nephropathy is high phosphorus level. However, there are many foods that are rich in phosphorus element, such as, seafood, tea, egg yolk, animal inner organs and so on. So, if patients eat too much the above foods, high phosphorus level will be aggravated and meanwhile, itchy skin will be more severe. Too much phosphorus will lead to irregular heartbeats, which is dangerous for patients.

Protein and fat

IgA nephropathy patients should limit the intake of fat and protein, too much nutrients will increase the burden of failed kidneys. However, some high-quality protein is ok, for example, lean meat, milk, egg white, etc.

Except for, patients should also keep a good habit, such as, quit smoking and drinking, avoid staying up and strenuous activities. If you want to learn more details about the diet, contact with us by emailing to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will give you more info freely.

After the above analysis, do you know the best diet plan for IgA nephropathy? Any questions? You can leave a message below.


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