IgA Nephropathy Basics: Causes and Diagnosis

IgA Nephropathy Basics: Causes and Diagnosis IgA Nephropathy refers to a medical condition in which a kind of protein named IgA deposited in the kidneys. And today we mainly talk about its causes and diagnosis.


Firstly, we need to point out that it is belongs to autoimmune kidney disease. For patients with IgA Nephropathy, the immune system fail to work normally. Therefore, bacteria and virus are more likely to attack the human body. When IgA build up in the kidneys, it will occur. In addition, genetic factors may contribute to this disorder.


In it’s early stage, there are usually no obvious symptoms. Over time, some clinical manifestations will occur. If not controlled well, it may develop into renal failure in advanced stage. Due to this, early diagnosis is of great importance in the whole treatment. Generally, patients are suggested to undergo the following tests:

Urine test and blood test. In this two tests, blood or protein in the urine may be detected. For further diagnosis, patients may be suggested to test their urine in 24 hours.

Renal biopsy. It refers to an examination of kidney tissues with the help of a needle. When it is over, there will be a microscopic examination.

Other special examinations. Except for the above diagnosis, experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital recommend other special examinations. And they can help confirm the kidney damage, the location, the severity and so on. If you are interested in the individualized test, you can choose to email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com and we will provide you a satisfied answer.

After introduction about the causes and diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy, we hope you can benefit a lot. Anything unclear, please feel free to consult with our online doctor or leave us message below. Best wishes!

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