What are the Causes of Your IgA Nephropathy

For an individual with IgA Nephropathy, it is of great importance to know the exact cause, as only when he knows well about his illness, can he makes the right decision and chooses the right treatment. Well, what causes IgA Nephropathy on earth?

To know well about IgA Nephropathy, it is necessary to find out what IgA mean. IgA actually is the abbreviation of immunoglobulin A which is one of the antibody that can help us fight against harmful substances. For patient with IgA Nephropathy, due to immune disorder, IgA can not defeat harmful substances we call antigen successfully. They combine with antigen and thus form IgA immune complex. IgA immune complexes can circulate with blood, so they may reach any part of the body. They deposit in mesangial area easily while flowing through kidney. That is the reason why lots of IgA immune complexes can be detected in IgA Nephropathy patients’ kidney.

We know IgA immune complexes keep being formed if immune disorder is not normalized. IgA immune complexes do not belong to the kidney, so when they deposit in mesangial area, immune response will be caused. In IgA Nephropathy, kidney damages are caused by persistent immune response, so in the treatments, steroid medicines or immunosuppressive agents are always used to control illness condition.

IgA Nephropathy can be primary, also secondary to many illnesses like Purpura Nephritis, HIV infection, tumor and liver problem and so on. Therefore, for patients with these illnesses, it is very important for them to learn how to prevent IgA Nephropathy. And for these patients with secondary IgA Nephropathy, having a tight control about primary illness is very important as this will help to slow down the progression of kidney problem and make it easier for them to bring IgA Nephropathy under control. Besides, IgA Nephropathy is not genetic, but in some cases, it has a familial tendency. Therefore, regular examination for kidney is very beneficial for patients who are living with relatives or family member suffering from IgA Nephropathy.

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