How to Lower High Creatinine Naturally in FSGS

Creatinine, the main indicator to show the kidney function, is caused by the damaged kidney. When people are attacked by FSGS, their doctors may give them some medicines which can remit the symptoms. But finally patients will find that their FSGS become more and more serious and creatinine is higher and higher. At a certain time, they are recommended with dialysis. But patients suffer a lot from dialysis, so whether there is a natural treatment which can help FSGS patients lower the high creatinine and avoid dialysis? Have you heard of our Traditional Chinese Medicine which has made a big improvement in treating all kinds kidney disease.

FSGS patients will accept our four kinds of Chinese Medicines:

A bottle of Maikang composition: it has the functions of benefiting qi, promoting blood circulation and softening the blood vessels. The purpose of it is make sure that the blood circulation in whole body can be smooth, so that the metabolism wastes deposition can be decreased.

A dose of oral Chinese herbs medicine: the active substances in it has the functions of absorbing the wastes in blood, crashing them into small one and finally, they will be metabolized with the blood circulation and removed out of body. The purpose of the it is make sure that the blood circAulation in whole body are pure and fresh.

A dose of external application Chinese medicine: it is applied on the shenshu acupoints, a point around the kidney area. It has the functions of expending all levels blood vessels of kidney, increasing the blood flow volume in kidney, so that the insufficient blood and oxygen condition also can be solved. And the medicine also can clean the wastes and immune complex in kidney, blocking the ultra immune response on kidney and stopping the kidney damage. In addition, the nutrition in the medicine is good for repairing the injured kidney innate cells, so it can improve the kidney function effectively.

A basin of Chinese medicine for foot bath: the active substances can work veins on foot, which has the functions of promoting blood vessel and dissolving blood clots, keeping blood circulation normal.

With the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the blood circulation in whole body are health, so FSGS patients can feel that many symptoms disappear naturally. In addition, when the kidney function are improved, the higher creatinine will be lowered. And if you want to know more about treatment to lower creatinine in FSGS, you can contact our online doctors or leave us messages, we will give you the timely response.


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