Treatment to Lower Creatinine 5.1 And Improve GFR 20 in FSGS

Because of URI, anaphylaxis or others, the blood flow speed will changed, causing damage to the kidney capillary walls, flowed by the wastes deposition which cause the kidney hypoxic-ischemic. And there are ultra immune response appear in local blood vessel, more worse, the glomerulus are scared partly. We call this as FSGS. With the development of the disease, the GFR will get more and more lower and creatinine level will get higher and higher. Then whether there is a treatment that can lower the creatinine 5.1 and improve the GFR 20 to avoid dialysis?

FSGS patients in our hospital usually take our Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat their kidney disease. Our purpose is there is fresh and healthy blood flowing into kidney constantly with the normal speed, so that, we can block the ultra immune response and repair the injured kidney innate cells. So the important point of treating kidney disease is cleaning the polluted blood and promoting the blood circulation.

Our special therapies in treating FSGS

Steaming therapy: the active substances can enter into body through the expending micro blood vessels of skins to promote the blood circulation.

Medical bath therapy: the medicine has the function of diffusing and it enter the body through the skin to stimulate excrete a lot of sweat and urine and clean the toxins in body.

Hot compress therapy: we also call it Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which has the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, expending blood vessel and degrading extracellular matrix. It can repair the injured kidney effectively.

Foot both therapy: the veins in foot play an important role in treating kidney disease, for they are related with whole body.

Acupuncture: the acupoints in human body are related with the internal organs. Acupuncture can stimulate kidney response.

Edema therapy with Chinese medicine: putting the medicines which have the function of relaxing the bowels into the intestinal tract, so that the toxins can be excreted out of body with the faeces.

When the blood circulation can be improved and the toxins are cleaned, the healthy blood can flow into kidney normally, so that the kidney damage can be stopped and kidney function can be improved. The FSGS patients with creatinine 5.1 and GFR 20 still have chance to improve their kidney function, if you are interested in our treatment, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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