How to Avoid Dialysis for FSGS Patients with Creatinine 4.1

When the creatinine level of FSGS patients rise to 4.1, it usually means that the patients have stepped into stage 3 of the disease. And it is a key period for FSGS patients who don’t want to take dialysis, because FSGS patients with creatinine 4.1 are still in a reversible stage, if patients have a timely and effective treatment, they can avoid dialysis successfully. Then how to avoid dialysis for FSGS patients with 4.1?

First, a scientific diet is necessary for FSGS patients. The high creatinine level is caused by the injured kidney innate cells failing to filter the toxins in blood, so if patients take somethings that are easy to form creatinine or are bad for the kidney, the creatinine level will be higher and higher. Then what kinds of foods are suitable for patients?

1. Low salt diet: too much salt intake will cause water and sodium retention in body which can lead to hypertention, threatening kidney health. So foods such as salts, sauces, processed foods, canned foods and so on should be limited for patients with high creatinine

2. Low protein diet: excessive protein intake can aggravate the burden of kidney, which is the further damage to the kidney. When patients eat foods milk, egg yolks, animal internal organs, bone marrow, seafood, etc.

Second, FSGS patients should have a treatment in time. The most important thing for lowering creatinine need to do is to repair the damaged kidney. FSGS patients in our hospital usually take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to lower their creatinine and made a big improvement of physical condition. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can promote blood circulation to prevent blood stasis. At the same time, it can block the ultra immune response, repairing the injured innate cells. With the normalization of kidney function, the toxins can be excreted out of body, so that the creatinine will be lowered.

FSGS patients with creatinine 4.1 who want to avoid dialysis must pay attention to their daily life and physical condition all the time. And the earlier you take some measures to control your creatinine, the more possible you can avoid dialysis. You can know know about FSGS and our treatment through our online doctors.


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