Should I Receive Kidney Transplant with FSGS

FSGS, kidney transplantFocal segmental glomurular sclerosis (FSGS) means that for the whole kidney, there are parts of the nephron getting lesions and as for a renal unit, lesions occurs in parts of glomerulus. At the early stage of FSGS, patients may not have so may obvious symptoms, so once patients found they are attacked by FSGS, they usually are in a serious period. Then whether patients should receive kidney transplant? It all depends on the specific physical condition.

It is no doubt for the FSGS patients who are sustaining their life through dialysis and their kidney almost can not work at all, kidney transplant is the best choice for FSGS patients. But we all have a clear knowledge that a suitable kidney resource is really hard to reach for FSGS patients and patients have to take medicines to fight with the rejection phenomenon. At the same time, kidney disease patients also have the risk of recurrence, especially for FSGS.

We have to admit that kidney transplant is the beat way for end stage FSGS patients for it can prolong the life of patients at least 10 years. But as for those who are still in a slight period, dose the only thing we can do is waiting for the kidney transplant? The pains during the time would threat the life of FSGS patients. So patients must take some measures while patients are in a reserved stage.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the special treatment in our hospital. The Chinese herbs contain active substances which can promote blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis. With the blood clots cleaned and blood flowed into kidney, the blood vessel are expended and the toxin, waist and immune complex are excreted out of body with the metabolism. With sufficient fresh and healthy blood in kidney, the ultra immune response will stop, at the same time, the injured kidney innate cells would recover, avoiding the further damage to the kidney. In addition, Micro-Chinese Medicine is external treatment, which works on kidney directly and there are no side effects.

In a world, if FSGS patients are really serious, kidney transplant is necessary. While if FSGS patients are still in the early stage, our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good choice for you. If you are interested in our therapy, you can contact our online doctors or leave us a message.

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