With 601 Creatinine Level and FSGS Is It Subjected for Dialysis

With 601 Creatinine Level and FSGS Is It Subjected for DialysisWith 601 creatinine level and FSGS, is it subjected for dialysis?” In the situation of creatinine 601 and FSGS, he patients will have many discomforts, and dialysis will also be in the schedule provided the patients do not control the condition well.

Why dialysis is subjected for FSGS patients whose creatinine is about 601?

Creatinine 601 indicators the kidneys are damaged so badly that lots of creatinine and other wastes are deposited in the body. Especially for FSGS, due to the sclerotic nephrons, the blood can flow through the kidney as it should do, and the nephrons can get less blood and nutrients, resulting in necrosis. Moreover, the patients may have life danger due to various of reasons in this condition, this is why dialysis are used. Whether or not all the discomforts can be stopped is set aside. With long time dialysis, the urine output will be reduced to none step by step, at that time, transplant is the only option. What is worse, it will reoccur easily after transplanted.

Thereby, is there any other measure to control the illness situation?

We have told in the above article that the patients need to take a comprehensive treatment to get a cure. Nevertheless, for the FSGS patients with creatinine 601, what we can do is to try our best to keep the creatinine in a low level and to help them live a relatively normal life since the kidneys are damaged so badly.

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