What are Ways to Reduce Elevated Creatinine Levels of 7.3 in FSGS

FSGS is a glomeruli diseases which can appear alone or in the situation of other kidney diseases. It can lead to so much sufferings or even life danger. While, what are ways to reduce elevated creatinine levels of 7.3 in FSGS?

Dialysis and transplant.

In most countries, the FSGS patients will be told that they need to take dialysis to lower such a high creatinine levels of 7.3 and get cured with transplanted. However, there are too much shortcomings of dialysis and transplanted in spite of we can not deny their good effects on saving FSGS patients.

Chinese herbal medicine product.

The renal experts found out that some herbs and medications showed a special function of treating FSGS patients whose creatinine level is high. On the basis of these, they came up with a set of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Immunotherapy and other creations of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). As a matter of fact, some of these treatments will be selected up to clean up the internal environment and improve the renal function better rather than simply controlling the symptoms.

Dietary control.

In the early stage of FSGS, some doctors told the patients that only dietary control can help maintain their conditions. It is true that right foods can help improve self-protection mechanism, avoid certain complications, delay the development of FSGS and enhance the clinical efficacy of treatments at some points. So that, please manage the meals well.

When the kidneys are restored with the help of the comprehensive treatment, the creatinine 7.3 can be kept in a low levels, and the FSGS patients can carry on with a high-quality life.

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