How to Improve GFR 20 ?

When the GFR of FSGS patients is 20,it means that the FSGS patients are in the stage 4 kidney failure. With the low GFR 20, FSGS patients have to suffer a lot, such as high creatinine, blood urine and nausea. Than what we should do to improve GFR of FSGS patients?

The low GFR is caused by the damaged kidney, so if you want to improve the GFR, you should treat your kidney.

How to improve GFR in FSGS?

First, you should have a scientific lifestyle which is important for patients to prevent the further damage to kidney and to control the GFR. Usually, foods for FSGS patients should be low salt, proper high quality protein, low potassium and high vitamins. In addition, FSGS patients should avoid eating spicy food, stop smoking and drinking. Moreover, regular excises are good for FSGS patients.

Second, you should have a timely treatment for FSGS. Generally, when the GSR of FSGS drops to 20ml/min/1.73m2, patients are recommended to do dialysis or kidney transplant. Dialysis is just a replacement for kidney, it can not improve GFR at all. For kidney transplant, we all know it is not an easy thing for FSGS patients. In our hospital, for FSGS patients, we will use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to help them improve GFR.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy contains many kinds of rare Chinese herbs which have the functions of promoting blood circulation and melting blood stasis. With the improvement of blood flow,the toxin and wastes will be excreted out of body with blood circulation. At the same time, the injured kidney innate cells will be better than before. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine can restore the immune system. We can promise that with our treatment, the GFR of FSGS patients will be improved and your kidney function can get better and better.

FSGS with GFR 20 is not difficult to treat, we can improve GFR naturally and effectively through the special treatment which is owed only by our hospital And if you want to know more our therapy, you can contact us freely.our


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