Chinese Medicines for Creatinine 5.2 of FSGS

treatment for creatinine 5.2 of FSGSChinese medicines have already became a trend for disease in the world. So does kidney disease such as FSGS. According to grading, creatinine 5.2 is 4th stage of FSGS.

In 4th stage of FSGS, some patients choose dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function to prevent their illness from deteriorating. But many patients want to get rid if it, because some of them can’t bear side effect of dialysis. The most important thing is dialysis can’t cure root of disease, no one is willing to do it 2-3 times a week in their rest of life with a pipeline inserting their body.

Nowadays, more and more foreign patients who are absorbed by the natural and healthy treatment method of Chinese medicines come to China to try authentic Chinese therapies.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease uses character of Chinese herbal medicines, after many years’ experience and practice, we formed our characteristic therapies.

Take an example. Enema Detoxification. Chinese medicines have clearing heat and removing toxicity function which can eliminate toxic substances out of human body by the exchange of intestinal mucosa through intestinal tract. It can reduce toxin such as creatinine sufficiently. The theory of this therapy is leading defecating medicine to colon and rectum by technical machine.

As we all know, various complications will occur with kidney disease developing. The cardiovascular disease is the most serious even influence patients’ life. Luckily, not only kidney disease experts but also heart disease experts, digestive diseases experts and respiratory medicine experts convoy for the whole therapeutic process. It’s almost impossible in foreign hospital.

So many patients come to our hospital to try authentic characteristic Chinese therapies and they are satisfied with therapeutic effect. If you want to know more, welcome to consult our doctors or you can send email:


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