Treatment for FSGS Patients on Dialysis

What is the treatment for FSGS patients on dialysis? No matter what the primary disease is, dialysis will be recommended when the condition develops kidney failure. Here we will talk about how to help FSGS patients.

For those FSGS patients who are on dialysis, dialysis can help them relieve some symptoms and prolong the life expectancy to a certain degree. However, with the dialysis treatment, patients will experience less and less urine output, which tells the continue loss in renal function. If you are lucky enough, you can receive a kidney transplant. However, is transplant the best treatment for FSGS patients? We are afraid not.

FSGS belongs to autoimmune disease, and in the clinic, it usually has high relapse rate after patients receive kidney transplant. The relapse rate can even be 50%. That is to say, the new kidney is likely to be damaged again. In that case, patients have to undergo dialysis again or wait for second transplant. We have met many such cases in the clinic, so we do not think kidney transplant is the best treatment for FSGS.

To say it simply, the efficient treatment for FSGS should have the ability to achieve three aspects: eliminating immune complexes; repairing kidney damage and adjusting immune system. Do you agree with it?

Chinese therapies including oral Chinese herbal medicine, foot bath, medicated bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, etc are commonly used to treat FSGS. You can directly talk to online doctor to know more about these treatment options if you are interested in Chinese therapies. With the recovery of renal function, dialysis times will be reduced gradually and even it can be stopped.

As a FSGS patient, dialysis or kidney transplant is not the best choice. Join us to treat your condition from the root.


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