How to Slow Down the Progression of Kidney Fibrosis in FSGS

FSGS is the common glomeruli damage and it can occur at any age, more likely appearing in the youth. And FSGS has become one of the leading causes of renal failure. But FSGS also belong to the Chronic Kidney Disease, patients can prolong their life with the healthy lifestyle, timely treatment and good mood. Now the specific suggestions are listed for FSGS patients to slow down the progression of kidney fibrosis.

Changes of lifestyle

In daily life, it is necessary to develop healthy living habits, because they are good for patients’ health. For example, they can keep a positive attitude, take moderate exercises, quit drinking and smoking, etc. In general, the diet plan can be low-salt, low-protein, balance of potassium and phosphorus, low-fat, high -fiber, etc. However, the personalized diet should be in accordance with the illness condition.

Control complications

In most cases, patients may be prescribed with some antibiotics, immunosuppressive agents to control the relative symptoms, it is no doubt that these medicine help patients a lot in decreasing pains and slowing down kidney damage at some degree. For example, complications such as high blood pressure, protein urine , anemia and so on all can accumulate the development of FSGS, so controlling complications is necessary.

Traditional Chinese Treatment

However, healthy life and control complications do nothing to the damaged glomeruli. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good choice. As a combination of TCM and modern technology, it can not only relive the symptoms but also restore kidney function. For detailed information, you can send us and we are glad to help.

Now if you want to know more information about how to delay the progression of kidney fibrosis in FSGS, any follow-up questions, you can leave us message below or contact our online doctors, we will try our best to help you. Best wishes!


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