The Latest Treatment for FSGS Patients

FSGS refers to that the glomerulus is damaged partly in sectional renal unit. When people are attacked by FSGS, they usually are told that there are nothing to do to save their kidney and the only thing they can do to prolong their life is waiting for dialysis or kidney transplant. But latest thing has been changed with the development of the Traditional Chinese Medicine for through the treatment, the kidney damage can be stopped and kidney function can be reversed.

Due to some reasons, there are some factors invading into human body and the immune system will make responses. And the result is the change of blood flow speed. When the blood flow through the kidney, the immune complexes will deposit on the renal cells, leading to kidney hypoxic-ischemic and ultra immune response, followed by kidney damage and kidney function decline. So for FSGS patients, the most important thing for them is have a timely treatment to cleaning the toxins in blood and promoting blood circulation, decreasing kidney damage and reversing kidney function.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has effective effect in treating FSGS and it includes many kinds of therapies which can be divided into two parts: the oral administration medicine and the external application medicine. The oral medicine mainly work on cleaning the toxins in blood and degrading the blood vessels and the external medicine will function on promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood stasis. At the work of external medicine, the oral medicine can play the greater role in cleaning toxins.

And the medicine can enter into body through different parts of human body with many kinds of therapies such as oral decoction, medical bath, foot bath, steaming, Micro-Chinese Medicine and so on.

All in all, Traditional Chinese Medicine is more and more important in treating FSGS, and patients are deserved have a try this latest treatment. And if you want to know the treatment in detail or ask for suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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