FSGS with High Creatinine Level: Symptoms and Treatment

FSGS is one common kidney disease. The disease became more and more serious, and the creatinine will get higher and higher. Generally speaking, creatinine is the important indicator of kidney function. When the kidney are damaged, the kidney function of filter and barrier are lost. So the creatinine can not be excreted out of body with the urine and deposit in blood, leading to high creatinine level.Today, let us have a study the about the symptoms and treatments for FSGS.

Symptoms of FSGS with High Creatinine Level

Edema: it is because of the water and sodium retention in body.

High blood pressure: the damaged kidney may cause the narrow of blood vessels and the secretion of renin, both of them can lead to high blood pressure.

Protein urine and blood urine: for the broken of kidney filter function, there are many protein and red blood cells will lost with the urine.

Except these symptoms, FSGS patients usually also suffer from nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, headache and so on. FSGS patients must pay more attention to these symptoms for they show your physical condition. And controlling these symptoms can inhibit the development of the disease.

Treatment for FSGS with High Creatinine Level

FSGS patients with high creatinine level will accept the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which contains many kinds of rare Chinese herbs. The active substances in medicines can expend blood vessel, promote blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis. At the same time, the Chinese medicine can absorb the the toxins in blood, than crash them and excrete the wastes with metabolism. Keeping the blood circulation health and fresh, finally the FSGS patients will get recover, even better they can get rid of the disease. When the kidney are repaired, the kidney functions will improve and the symptoms will disappear forever.

FSGS with high creatinine level patients had better have a treatment as soon as possible. the more earlier you treat it, the easier you treat the disease. In addition FSGS patients should pay more attention to their high creatinine level and their symptoms. And if you still have curiousness about the FSGS, you can contact our online doctors or send email to us.

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