Why does Fsgs Kidney Disease Cause Edema

Why does Fsgs Kidney Disease Cause EdemaFsgs kidney disease can cause severe edema which will bring pain and inconvenience to patients. They are afraid of going out to see people. This impedes their normal life. They must want to find a treatment to release edema. So what causes edema? How to release edema in fsgs kidney disease? Let’s find out now.

Fsgs kidney disease basically is the the disease of epithelial cell in glomerulus. Your decrease in immunity bring infected cells to invade into kidney and thus lead to the deposition of complex. While these complex deposited on glomerular capillary loops can impede the barrier function of glomerular epithelial cells. So glomerulus can’t filter sodium well thus can cause retention of sodium and water. So edema appears.

Moreover, glomerulus won’t be able to filter protein. When protein flows in urine, it will lead to the decrease in plasma colloid osmotic pressure. Water in patient’s vessels will move to the interstitial fluid. Then edema happens. Know more information, please send us e-mail. kidneyfight@hotmail.com


Immunotherapy is using immune stimulant to adjust immune state of body and to make body create proper response to disease. It is a synthetical therapy combined with body, disease and medicine. Among them, the condition of body is the key of treating disease.

There are three measures of immunotherapy:

1. Make patient’s body adapt the deposition of immew complex and the damaged inherent cells of kidney. This is

Immune tolerance.

2. In order to avoid further inflammation in the area of immune complex depositing, we make regular immune block therapy for patients. This means to invite patients to do infusion of immunosuppressive drug regularly.

Immunity improves gradually so immune complex will be degraded and excreted out. Then glomerular function goes up and can filter extra sodium out as well as prevent protein from flowing out. Edema will be alleviated accordingly.

3.Do regular assessment on immunoreaction of kidney. We monitor patient’s state of disease to make long-time plan of treatment. Thus can ensure the veracity of blocking treatment.

If you have other questions, you can consult our online doctors or leave a message below. We will do our best to help you alleviate edema.

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