What Causes Headache in FSGS

What Causes Headahce in FSGSFor people with FSGS, they are usually troubled by headache. Then, what are the causes? And how to alleviate this symptom? Now, please follow me and know more about this issue.

Causes of headache in FSGS patients

After careful study, nephrologists at our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital concluded the following causes:

High blood pressure: This sign can occur both in the early stage and advanced stage. Without effective control, hypertension will affect the nerve system and lead to headache.

Building up of toxins: In FSGS, the filtering units named glomerular became inflamed. Gradually, high levels of toxins, electrolyte imbalance, etc will appear. And these factors are all related to headache.

Certain medications: To help ease symptoms, medications like prednisone are often used. Even if they can obtain quick and obvious effects, there are also some side effects, and headache is just one of the discomforts.

Frankly speaking, without effective control, it can not only worsen deterioration of kidney function, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to the patients. Thereby, it is important to eliminate this symptom.

How to treat headache for people with FSGS?

Cooperate with your doctor: Before taking any medicines, it is necessary to ask for doctor’s permission. Meanwhile, if there is anything wrong, timely communication with the doctors is very helpful.

Medicated bath: It is generated from TCM and has long been used to treat diseases due to poor blood circulation. Compared with other oral administration, it is relatively safer and without side effects.

If you are suffering from FSGS and headache, we are always here to help. Anything unclear, you are welcomed to chat with our online doctor or leave us a message below. Good luck!


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