How to Improve the Prognosis of FSGS

For FSGS patients, they usually concern about its prognosis. And today we are going to talk about this question in detail. In this way, patients can live a better life.

What is the FSGS prognosis?

FSGS refers to an immune disorder, and it is mainly characterized by scars in the kidneys. It’s prognosis differs from person to person, and it can be affected by various factors, such as, treatments, diet, infections and so on. If not controlled well, it may progress into nephrotic syndrome and there can be a poor prognosis.

How to improve the prognosis of FSGS?

1. Effective control of symptoms. Generally, patients with this disease will experience symptoms like proteinuria, high blood pressure, swelling and so on. Therefore, medications including ACEI, ARBs or some steroids can be taken to relive these symptoms.

2. Well-balanced diet. Even if proper diet can not cure this disorder, it can still help reduce the burden of kidneys and delay it’s progression effectively. In general, low-salt diet, low-protein diet and balance of potassium and phosphorus are suggested. However, if you are interested in the individualized diet plan, email and experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital will reply you as soon as possible.

3. Protect residual kidney function. Study shows that FSGS progresses when kidneys fail to function properly. So, it is essential for to protect the residual renal function. In recent years, treatments including Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy have obtained good curative effects in treating this immune disorder. More detailed information about the treatments, feel free to consult with our online doctor.

Except for the above suggestions, patients also need to quit smoking and drinking, take moderate exercises, etc.

If you happen to be a person with FSGS, we hope the above contents can be beneficial. By taking the advices, you can have a better prognosis. If there are still anything unclear, please leave us message below.

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