Can a Person With FSGS Drink Liquor

Can a Person With FSGS Drink LiquorThe diet for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS) is very strict, so, can patients drink liquor? Next, we will give you the answer.

Before answering the question, we should learn something about the disease. FSGS is a disease that can affect the kidneys’ filtering system, which can cause scarring and loss of massive protein. The disease may be primary disease, it can also be the result of an inherited disease, an infection, or other kidney diseases.

So, can patients drink liquor on earth?

Generally speaking, FSGS patients should better keep away from liquor or take less alcohol. Then, why do they should not drink alcohol? Because drinking alcohol can cause weight gain easily, especially for obesity, high blood pressure and hyperlipaemia patients. Drinking too much can reduce appetite, cause the shortage of nutrients, or even lead to alcoholic cirrhosis. In the meanwhile, doctors also emphasize that patients should quit drinking, since alcohol can decrease renal blood flow, aggravate the deterioration of kidney function and increase the burden of heart.

Even if FSGS patients should not drink liquor, it is not absolute. Because kidney disease experts said that less alcohol is beneficial to patients’ body, moderate alcohol can strengthen the preventing ability for ultraviolet injury. However, to be honest, the liquor intake is difficult to control. Thereby, you’d better keep away form alcohol if you really want to own a healthy life with FSGS.

In addition, the specific intake is decided by patients’ own illness condition due to the condition varies from person to person and from day to day. So, if you want to get a clear answer, send your test report to, we will give you the answer as quickly as possible.

After the above analysis, if you still have questions about can FSGS patients drink alcohol? Leave a message below, we are always here to help you.


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