Can a Patient with FSGS Drink Alcohol

Can a Patient with FSGS Drink AlcoholNowadays, many patients are suffering from FSGS, they are eager to know whether they can drink alcohol or not. Please follow me and know more about the issue.

FSGS refers to a condition in which scar tissue developes in the glomeruli of kidneys. Without effective treatment and care, the disease can threaten patients'’ life. And the diet management for the disease is very strict, so, can patients drink alcohol?

Generally, less alcohol may be ok for patients. However, patients should limit the intake of alcohol. For healthy people, too much alcohol will damage kidneys and liver, increase the burden of kidneys. Moreover, in FSGS, the kidneys have been injured severely, if patients drink lots of alcohol, the renal damage will become more serious. So, lots of alcohol will aggravate the renal damage or even cause more severe complications.

However, due to the illness condition varies from person to person, so, the specific amount of alcohol is based on patients’ own condition. If you want to know the proper amount of alcohol, send your test report to, our experts will analyze the illness condition and give you an reasonable suggestion in two days.

In addition, patients with FSGS should limit the intake of protein. Since massive protein will increase the burden of failed kidneys, cause further kidney damage. They can take less high-quality protein, such as, fish, milk, eggs, lean meat and so on.

Moreover, patients should limit fluid intake, because too much fluid will aggravate edema, it is not beneficial to alleviate the symptom.

Besides, they should also keep a low-fat, low-salt diet in order to decrease the renal injury. And some fresh fruits and vegetables are also necessary, the abundant vitamin and mineral substances can improve the immunity of patients.

After the above analysis, we believe you have learned a lot. If you still have doubts about whether FSGS patients can drink alcohol or not, leave a message below.

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