Can FSGS patients stay up late

With the accelerated pace of life, more and more people(especially young people) tend to stay up late. Some people for work and some people for entertainment. Then there are people who asked can FSGS patients stay up late? I am afraid the answer is no!

Stay up late not only cause the lack of sleep, but also result in immunity decline. Meanwhile, FSGS patients should know that stay up late is very harmful to them.

As to the reason, after people who stayed up late they will feel very tired. As a FSGS patient, they should make clear that the kidney disease is always tending to recur or acute break out. Meanwhile, apart from lack of sleep, the declined immunity will cause further serious FSGS. Because the FSGS is very easy to recurrence. Perhaps it is the worst thing that patients not willing to see.

In addition, there will always appear swallow and high blood pressure in FSGS, and towards these symptoms, doctor often recommends to stay in bed, stay up late means that the patients cannot get enough rest, which aggravates the swallow and high blood pressure.

From above, we can see that stay up late only damage the kidney but no advantages at all. so try your best not stay up.

For FSGS patients, the effective treatments playing an important role in managing the disease.

Based on the long-term research, ShiJiaZhuang kidney disease hospital invented Micro- Chinese medicine osmotherapy therapy. This is used external. The core technology of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is making the effective prescription medicine superfinely shattered. Then with the help of effective penetrant and osmosis devices, the effective medicines are permeated into kidney lesions by external application, thus achieving the goal of treating kidney disease. Clinical practices have proven that this application method is both effective and convenient. The therapeutic mechanism of this therapy is to block kidney fibrosis, repair damaged renal intrinsic cells and rebuild the normal kidney structure, and the realizing of these purposes is based on Chinese medicine curative effects like dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. These stages are named as block, repair and rebuild.


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