FSGS: How to Improve Kidney Function

FSGS:How to Improve Kidney FunctionFSGS refers to a medical condition in which the filter known as glomeruli become scarred. It can occur both in children and adult. Once someone is diagnosed with this disease, they should do the following things well to improve kidney function.

Lower high blood pressure Hypertension is a common symptom of FSGS. Without effective control, it may accelerate kidney damage or even lead to heart problems. In normal condition, the blood pressure should be controlled within 130/80mm Hg. And drugs like ACEI or ARBs can be good choices.

Healthy diet Patients with FSGS should never ignore the importance of healthy diet, because a proper diet can help slow down its progression remarkably. For example, they should obey a low-protein diet. As study shows that excessive protein intake will increase the workload of kidneys and aggravate kidney damage. However, they can take some high-quality protein foods, such as egg white, milk, fish, lean meat, etc.

Besides, a low-salt diet is also necessary. As too much salt will increase the risk of presenting swelling and hypertension.

However, to protect renal function, the eating plan should be in accordance with their own illness condition. If your are interested in this, please send us your medical report:kidneyfight@hotmail.com and we will reply you with a satisfied answer.

Take effective treatment in early time

At our center, experts recommend patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As a plant-based therapy, it is applied externally. It is convenient, comfortable and without side effects. More importantly, it can not only relieve symptoms but also repair kidney function. Remember that the earlier the treatment, the better the efficacy.

Except for the above tips, taking moderate exercises, quit smoking and drinking, etc are also helpful.

If you have been diagnose with FSGS, we are always here to help. Anything unclear, you can consult with our online doctor directly or leave us message below. Good luck!


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