Another Indian CRF Patient Will Discharge Today in June

Another Indian CRF Patient Will Discharge Today in JuneManish Shukla, a patient from India hospitalized in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital on March 16, 2012. After over one-month treatment, today, June 20, 2012, this patient is going to discharge.

Quite a deal of staffs is familiar with this young guy. Sometimes he was silent but sometimes talkative. Manish suffered from IgA Nephropathy and didn’t pay much care about this disease. He thought that it wasn’t a big deal, because so many people live with the same disease all their lives. However, his illness condition was so different from others. And that’s why the condition progressed to Chronic Renal Failure in less than several months.

Manish received stem cell transplant in his country for more than ten times. He felt fine after the injection and expected wonderful results.

It was then he suffered from flu before the injected stem cells began to work in his body. This infection ruined all the effort. What’s worse, his illness condition developed progressively. Meanwhile, the serum creatinine level began to increase accordingly. His doctor couldn’t handle the situation and suggested him to take dialysis. “I was angry after heard this. After spending so much money and you told me you can’t treat me?!” the doctor’s remark made Manish wild with rage.

Manish hospitalized in our hospital and received treatment here. With the aid of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy, his evaluated serum creatinine began to lower down. “The patient experienced numb lips and mouth, loss of appetite, anemia, dizziness, nausea and mild swelling as he hospitalized.”said Manish’s attending doctor in an interview, “but now all those symptoms are all gone, and my kidney function greatly improves. I feel very good!” Manish interrupted with.

Manish is in high spirits today. He offered to take pictures with doctors, nurses and other staffs. Get well soon, Manish!

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