Chest Congestion in ESRD: Cause and Treatment

When the kidney disease developed into the most serious stage, we call it as ESRD or uremia. At this stage, patients often suffer a lot of symptoms and complications for the kidney function has been lost seriously or totally, so there are many toxins retention in blood, causing other body tissues. One of the common symptoms patients often suffer is chest congestion which can influence the life quality deeply. Now we will have a analysis about the cause of chest congestion and give you some treatment suggestions.

The cause of chest congestion in ESRD:

1. One of complications of ESRD is anemia which can cause the insufficient oxygen condition of human body, so ESRD patients often feel hard to breath and chest congestion.

2. ESRD can lead to pericarditis and pleurisy. When there are much fluid around the pericardium, it will limit the diastole, so there is not enough blood in heart, causing chest congestion.

3. Because of the less urine or no urine and much fluid intake, ESRD patients often suffer the water intention in body, leading to heart failure, so patients has the symptom of chest congestion.

4. High blood pressure also can lead to heart failure.

5. If the ESRD patients lead to lung infection, causing hyoxemia, which can heavier the heart failure, chest congestion will be more serious.

Treatment for chest congestion in ESRD

If patients are serious in chest congestion, according to their specific condition, patients can take some measures such as, transfusion, taking medicine to anti-infection, dialysis and so on. But for ESRD patients, the most important thing is preserving the remained kidney function and improve the kidney function as much as possible, decreasing the complications of ESRD. Then, what patients can do to decrease these complications? Cleaning the toxins in blood is the key.

ESRD patients in our hospital will accept our Traditional Chinese Medicine which is dominated by Chinese herbs. The active substances in Chinese herbs have the magic effect on expending blood vessel, promoting blood vessel and remove the blood clots. At the same time, the active substances also can absorb the toxins and crash them, and finally, these wastes can be excreted out body with the blood circulation and metabolism. The most important thing is that the Chinese herb can boost the immune system, preventing further infection and decreasing the waste deposition to form blood stasis. After taking our Traditional Chinese Medicine, the toxins in blood can be less and less, so that these complications can disappear naturally without any side effect.

Chest congestion is not a small problems, so ESRD patients should pay more attention to it and take a timely treatment. And if you are interested in our Chinese herbs or want to know more information about your kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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