The Toxin-Removing Therapies for Uremia Patient to Reduce High Creatinine Level from 1294 to 541

Maybe for majority patients with kidney disease, once their disease developed to uremia, their doctors will ask them to do dialysis or kidney transplant. Although the patients do not want to do, they have no choice but to take dialysis. Then how to treat for uremia patients to reduce high creatinine level?

There is a young patient who has been diagnosed with uremia, 22 years old, whose high creatinine level at the beginning--1294 umol/L. He has gone to many hospitals to treat his disease, but all of them have no improvement. With hope for the treatments of our hospital, he went to here—shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, which is a specialized hospital in kidney disease and has about 30 years clinical experience.

All of the kidney diseases are because that the kidney is damaged and kidney function can not work normally. Therefore, various toxins and excess waste and water can not be expelled out of the human body. So we always insist on the idea of clear the toxins and water in blood and kidney inherent cells out of body.

We gave the patient a systematic examination and made the treatment plan in the basis of her condition. The result showed that his creatinine was 1294, urea acid 468. The doctors let him use the toxin-removing therapies first, in order to discharge the excessive fluid and toxins in body. With the help of toxin-removing therapies, the patient used the traditional Chinese medicines to opening the meridians and collaterals, expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and gradually repair the damaged kidney and let kidney work normally.

What does 20 day means to you? 20 days’ traditional Chinese medicine treatment helps him successfully defeat the torment of disease. His creatinine level reduced to 541 from original 1294. During the process of treatment, he never undertook any dialysis, that’s the effect of traditional Chinese medicine achieved.

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