Toxin-removing therapies give ESRD patient new hope

LLAH, 45 years old, is from UAE. When he came to our hospital, his condition had a serious stage—ESRD. To a further treatment and let his condition improvement, he arrived our hospital—shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. Through one and half months’ treatment, the patient’s condition had been better controlled. This a extremely successful treatment case.

The patient was on dialysis in his local hospital. But the treatment had no obvious effects and the condition had no improvement. The reason is that the treatment is not from the root, which toxins and wastes in kidneys and blood hadn’t been removed out. So these toxins influence the effects of medications. And then he came to our hospital, for further treatment.

When came to hospital, our doctors gave him the first examination, which showed serum creatinine 1250 umol/L, urea nitrogen 18.9 umol/L, with anemia. In his country, the doctors have not realized the importance of these values, such as serum CysC, HCY, RBP, which can judge the degree of kidney damaged. This is a special immunity check up test in our hospital. At the first test, serum CysC was 7.55 mg/L, HCY 15.54 umol/L, and RBP 127 mg/L.

With using the characteristic toxin-removing therapies to expel toxins from body, his creatinine reduced a little. After 13 days treatment, doctors gave him second checkup. At this time, his serum creatinine reduced to 817 umol/L, urea nitrogen 9.3 umol/L, serum CysC 6.7 mg/L, HCY 12.41 umol/L, and RBP 109 mg/L. All of these numbers are checked before dialysis. Through compared with the two examination results, we can see the patient’s hemoglobin increase to 117 mg/L, which means that the anemia has been improved a lot.

We will try our best to give patients better life, and recover their health to get rid of the bother of illness. If you have interests to our toxin-removing therapies or want to know more information about ESRD, please feel free to contact our online experts.

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