Is End Stage Kidney Disease Curable

End stage renal disease is a illness condition where the kidneys are no longer able to work properly. When the kidneys are unable to work, patients run high risk to develop various symptoms and complications. Patients may by wondering is end stage kidney disease curable.

Almost all of patients are suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms and heart complications that is caused by kidney disease, thereby, they are eager to confirm that can kidney disease be cured. The kidney disease can not be revered, as long as the kidney disease occurs.

As long as the kidney disease occurs, it can not be reversed, because the body tissues and inherent cells in or around the kidney is always damaged and they can not be repaired to normal state. What you can do is to slow down kidney damage and protect the residual kidney function through life style changes and seeking for effective medical treatment.

The common treatments to save the residual kidney function are dialysis and kidney transplant. Although dialysis can reduced high creatinine remarkably, it is a treatment replacing the kidney to eliminate the toxic substances and extra fluid by filtering blood. The kidney function is still losing when patients are on dialysis. Kidney transplant is a procedure which places a new kidney to replace the diseased one. The new kidney can do all the work that the health kidney do. In addition to, all of poisoning symptoms also can be relived with the new kidney. Kidney transplant may thought to be the permanent way to protect the residual kidney function and save patients’ life. In one day, this kidney is failed again, which makes patients have another kidney transplantation.

Apart from dialysis and kidney transplant, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital provides patients a new treatment to treatment kidney disease, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Putting forward this treatment has certainly put on the right track towards to the best development of kidney disease treatments.

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