Best Treatment for End Stage Renal Disease Patients with Hemodialysis

Kidneys are the main organ for metabolism of human body, they are functioning on excreting wastes products, adjusting internal secretion and balancing water-electrolyte. When people are attacked by end stage renal disease, their remaining kidney function usually is less than 10% of the normal. When this happens, patients would suffer more complications and symptoms which influence the life quality of patients seriously and even can threaten the life of patients, so they need therapy to replace the work of the failed kidneys, such as hemodialysis.

When is hemodialysis needed?

Usually, this hemodialysis when there is only 10~15% of kidney function left. However, all thing should be depended according to the specific physical conditions of patients. when patients suffer the serious complications and symptoms which threaten the life of patients, no matter what the creatinine is, what kinds of kidney disease are and so on, dialysis is needed.

How does hemodialysis work to treat ESRD?

A dialyzer, or special filter, is used to clean the blood. The dialyzer connects to a machine. During treatment, patient's blood travels through tubes into the dialyzer, and wastes and extra water are filtered out. Then the newly cleaned blood flows through another set of tubes and back into the body. This treatment usually is done three times a week. Each treatment lasts from 2~4 hours. Dialysis can replace kidney work at some degree, such as cleaning toxins in blood, balancing water-electrolyte and supporting some nutrition.

But there are some disadvantages such as the large cost of times and money. In addition, dialysis fail to reverse the kidney functions, and due to rapid changes of body's fluid and chemical balance during the treatment, side effects like headache, muscle cramps and hypotension, etc may occur.

New Treatment for ESRD patients with dialysis

Now there is new substitution therapy for ESRD patients with hemodialysis, the combination of our Traditional Chinese Treatment and stem cells. Chinese therapies can work on expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, cleaning toxins in blood and degrading the extra cellular matrix, so that the kidney insufficient blood and ultra immune responses can be blocked. And the stem cells can repair the injured renal cells and restore the kidney structure, so the kidney function can be reversed at the most degree.

Now if you want to know more information about our treatment for ESRD patients with dialysis, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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