What Will Happen If A ESRD Patient Stop Taking Dialysis

What Will Happen If A ESRD Patient Stop Taking DialysisGenerally speaking, most of ESRD disease patients have take dialysis to replace the kidney functions. If the kidney function indicators are keeping in a steady and normal level, can ESRD patients stop taking dialysis and what we happen to patients?

Dialysis is the common treatment for remitting the complications caused by renal failure and prolonging the life of patients. It can replace the kidney functions such as excreting the metabolism wastes and water out of body, sustaining water and electrolyte balance and adjusting the acid-base. All in all, dialysis really help many ESRD patients save their life and decreasing many pains. But dialysis just a replacement of kidney and it do nothing to reverse the kidney functions, so once patients stop taking dialysis, the all kinds of kidney function indicators will get higher again and patients will be in a dangerous for water electrolysis disorder and metabolic acidosis both are fatal complications for ESRD patients. So patients with a long term dialysis should stop dialysis in a hurry.

But FSGS patients with long time dialysis finally find that they are more and more depended on dialysis to decrease their pains, however they also are more and more weak. During dialysis, they lost much nutrition and spirit at the same time. ESRD patients are looking for a treatment which can help them get rid of dialysis. But stopping the regular dialysis suddenly is not scientific, patients need a gradual process to protecting the remaining kidney function and revere the kidney function.

Have you heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes many kinds of therapies such as medical bath, foot bath, steaming, moxa-moxibustion, hot compress, enema and oral medicine. All of these therapies are Chinese herbs-majored and the active substances in medicine can enter into whole through so many ways, working together to expend the blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and clean the toxins in blood. When the blood are health and smooth, the symptoms and complications caused by ESRD can be remitted for the enough blood and oxygen supporting.

With the help of our treatment, ESRD patients can decrease the dialysis times and live a healthier life. But patients are not suitable for stopping dialysis in a hurry. And if you want to know more information, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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