Topcon TRC-300 Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera

Topcon TRC-300 Non-mydriatic Retinal CameraOur hospital spent a great deal of money on the device, not only upgrades our hardware system, but aslo enhances our clinical diagnosis.

The non-mydriatic retinal camera is used for basic screening and fundus analysis. It has an integrated 8 megapixel digital camera, which enables the practitioner to zoom in on even the smallest detail. Combined with 3 point internal fixation and the pitional auto-mosaic software, the device becomes powerful.

▪ Auto focus, auto exposure & auto shoot

▪ All-in-one design

▪ Auto small pupil detection

▪ Pupil size as small as 3.3mm

▪ Low flash intensity of 3.3Ws

▪ IMAGEnet i-base included

Technical specification

Picture angle 45°
Working distance 40.7mm
Photographable area of pupil 4.0mm or more (Ø3.3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used)
Auto focus function Used only in the split line working range (can be turned ON / OFF )
Base movement Back-forth : 46mm
  Right-left : 100mm
  Up-down : 30mm
Chinrest movement 67mm
Dimensions (W) 274× (D) 508 × (H)528-558mm
Weight 22.7 kg

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