Overview of Mindray DC-7 color Doppler B ultrasound

Mindray DC-7 color Doppler B ultrasoundOur hospital equips with multiple cutting-edge facilities used for diagnosis as well as treatment. Mindray DC-7 is one of them.

DC-7 is one of the most successful color Doppler ultrasound from Mindray. It meets almost all the needs of radiologists. DC-7 is highly configurable and point-of-care support. It succeeds in the imaging quality and ergonomic design etc.


▪ 4D imaging: offers the greatest flexibility to full view and enhances diagnostic accuracy

▪ Contrast Imaging: enhanced pathology structures

▪ iClear™: adaptive speckle suppression imaging

▪ iScape™ view: wide field of view imaging

▪ iZoom: full screen image display to offer enhanced visibility

▪ Phase inversion tissue harmonic imaging

▪ Touch screen: Multi-language input, together with user-definable selections and layout

▪ High resolution LCD monitor

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