Cobas c501 Module Chemistry Analyzer

Cobas c501 Module Chemistry AnalyzerOur hospital introduced the most advanced equipment named Roche cobas c501 module chemistry analyzer.

The cobas c501 analyzer is a mild-volume clinical chemistry analyzer, which has flexible combination of clinical chemistry. The analyzer is used for produce clinical chemistry tests in laboratories.


Clinical chemistry, ISE (K,Na, CI), over 100 Homogeneous Immunoassays, HbA1c
Up to 1000 tests per hour throughput
60 direct-access assays
Automatic reagent loading during operation
Specimen integrity via serum indices, clot and liquid level detection
Contact-free ultrasonic mixing
Automated rerun and dilution

Technical Specifications:  
System 2nd Generation SWA: modular, analytical system platform, consolidated work area for Clinical Chemistry and Immunology, expandable and re-configurable on site
Type of modules Photometric measuring unit (incl. ISE)
Number of module combinations 7 module combinations
Up to 3 modules in one core unit
cobas c 501 modules: 1 to 2 modules
Sample throughput Up to 120 racks/hr or 600 samples/hr
Test throughput 170 up to 2,170 tests/hr overall
Physical dimensions Width: 188 to 498 cm / 74 to 196 inches
Core unit: 69 cm / 27.2 inches
cobas c module: 120 cm / 47.2 inches
Core unit: 104 cm / 41 inches
Height: 130 cm / 51 inches
Control unit: Width: 80 cm / 31.5 inches, depth: 80 cm / 31.5 inches
Weight cobas c 501 module: 330 kg / 730 lb
Core unit (sample loader, control unit, rack rotor): 180 kg / 400 lb

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