Electromyography (EMG)

Electromyography (EMG)In the diabetic department, electromyography is the essential equipment to measure the conducting function of nerves. It is known that diabetes can affect nerve system and most diabetics have numb feeling on their skin especially in their feet. So we imported the most advanced equipment of electromyography which has very accurate sensitive system to check the nerve lesion in order to provide information for doctor.

The equipment can exam how well the peripheral nerve, neuron, neuromuscular junction and muscle function through recording the electric change when the muscles have no movement or when they contract. The doctor can control the whole process of test through the keyboard. All the information about nerve system damage of patients with diabetes would be recorded in computer in the form of table or picture, so doctor can give an accurate diagnosis through the information easily. Besides EMG can not only find out the damage of nerve system but also estimate the prognosis after the treatment.

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