Natural Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with High Creatinine

Diabetic Nephropathy, the leading cause of renal failure, is a complex disease. Generally speaking, with the same high creatinine level, Diabetic Nephropathy patients are earlier than other kinds of kidney disease patients to accept dialysis. But patients usually suffer a lot from dialysis and want to find a natural treatment which can help them avoid taking dialysis.

The high creatinine is caused by the injured kidney, so Diabetic Nephropathy patients who want to lower their high creatinine need repair the injured cells and improve their kidney function. Traditional western medicine has not drugs or ways to repair the kidney, while Traditional Chinese Medicine has made a big improvement on treating kidney disease.

The four functions of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

1. Chinese medicine can expend blood vessel, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis. So there are more blood flowing into kidney, improving the kidney condition of insufficient blood and oxygen.

2. It can clear the immune complex and diseased tissue which could lead to glomerular basement membrane damage ,and repair the damaged glomerular basement membrane at the same time. After repairing the damaged basement membrane ,the structure of kidney are changed, and the glomerular filtration area are enlarged, serum creatinine will gradually decline.

3. Through the degradation of extra cellular matrix, the necrotic tissue are removed out of the body, avoiding them cause further damage to the kidney.

4. It can repair the damaged kidney tissue, supplying the kidney with materials such as proteins, amino acids, to prevent scarring, improving the internal environment of the entire kidney, providing good conditions for kidney repair and promoting kidney function recovery.

In addition to the treatment, Diabetic Nephropathy patients should also form a healthy lifestyle. Eating foods under the suggestions of doctors, no smocking, no drinking, balancing the work and rest, keeping a positive attitude to fight against the disease. The lifestyle plays an important role in controlling the creatinine level. And if you want to know more information about Diabetic nephropahty with high creatinine or interested in our therapy, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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