Natural Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy with High Creatinine

Diabetic Nephropathy is one of kidney diseases which are easy to develop into uremia. It is a very complex disease and often cause a series of complications. Generally speaking, Diabetic Nephropathy patients is earlier than other kinds of kidney disease patients to accept dialysis for there are many kinds of toxins in their blood. But patients with high creatinine have to suffer a lot both from mental and physical. So Diabetic Nephropathy patients with high creatinine are always looking for the natural treatment which can lower their creatinine without such pains and side effect.

High creatinine is caused by the damaged kidney, patients want to keep their creatinine level in control must repair the damaged kidney. Taking dialysis or using medicines of absorption function only can lower the creatinine temporally. So with years by years researches and practices, our hospital developed the natural treatment for kidney disease: “four+seven” treatment.

Four kinds of Chinese Medicines:

A bottle of proprietary Chinese medicine: it has the functions of yiqi, promoting blood circulation and dredging the blood vessels and it can clean the stagnant toxins in blood. This medicines will be used in the all treatment progress.

A dose of oral Chinese medicine: it contains many kinds of Chinese herbs and the kinds of herbs and the quantity of the herbs must be changed in time according to the physical condition of patients. It is powerful, it can clean the stagnant toxins, stasis toxins and turbidity toxins at the same time.

A dose of application Chinese medicine: it is applied on the shenshu acupoints around the kidney, working on the kidney blood vessel directly. It can improve the blood circulation condition.

A basin of Chinese medicine for foot bath: it also can promote the blood circulation through the veins in whole body.

With the toxins excreted out of body and improved blood condition, the damage to the kidney will stop and the creatinine can be controlled.

Seven kinds of ways of approaching medicine

Foot bath therapy is the a basin of Chinese medicine

Hot compress is the a dose of application Chinese medicine

Steaming therapy: the active substances of Chinese medicine can work on body through the skin.

Medical bath therapy, circle therapy and so on.

These natural treatments for Diabetic Nephropathy with high creatinine are very effect, if you are interested in our therapy, contact our online doctors or send email to us, we are happy do something for you.


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