Natural Treatment for Swelling in Foot for Diabetic Nephropathy

One of the common symptoms of diabetic nephropathy is swelling in foot which not only can cause that the cells have trouble in absorbing nutrients, but also lead to further damage to the kidney. Diabetic Nephropathy patients always want to find a natural treatment for swelling in foot for traditional medicine have so many side effects, for example, diuretics can lead to electrolyte disorder, sugar, lipid metabolic disorder such problems. Before introducing the natural treatment for swelling in foot for diabetic nephropathy, let’s have a study about the causes of swelling.

Swelling is a pathological phenomena of too much water and sodium retention in the tissues. Diabetic Nephropathy patients always have the symptom of edema, especially swelling in foot. And the common causes include:

1. When the kidney damage happened, a lot of protein which have the function of locking water are lost with the urine, causing water retention in tissues.

2. Diabetic Nephropathy is easy to cause complication of cardiovascular disease which is bad for blood circulation , leading to water and sodium retention.

3. Moreover, Diabetic Nephropathy can damage the vegetative nerve, causing hyperaemia of peripheral vascular which lead to edema.

4. Some medicines also can lead to swelling in foot.

All in all, if we want to get rid of swelling in foot, we must treat the diabetic nephropathy at first. Diabetic Nephropathy patients in our hospital often take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy to treat their disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has functions of expending blood vessel, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing and degrading extracellular matrix. And it can work on kidney directly, avoiding the lose of pesticide effect. During the period of treatment, patients can feel the warm spreading the whole body and there is not any side effect after using it. Without a long time, patients can see the magic effect of our therapy, swelling in foot disappear.

It is a really natural treatment for swelling in foot for Diabetic Nephropathy. Diabetic Nephropathy patients who want to know more about their disease and our natural treatment can leave us massage or contact our online doctors.

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