Natural Treatment to Lower Creatinine 3.8 in Diabetic Kidney Disease

For Diabetic Kidney Disease patients, if their creatinines have increased into 3.8, that means the patients have stepped into the stage 3 of Diabetic Kidney Disease and some clinic symptoms occur. Without a timely treatment, more and more toxin will accumulate in our body, threatening our life. Diabetic Kidney Disease patients are looking for a natural treatment to lower creatinine 3.8. Patients can pay attention to two ways: diets and medicines.

What cause the creatinine 3.8 in Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Before we find the natural treatment to lower creatinine 3.8, we should have a knowledge about the causes of high creatinine level in Diabetic kidney Disease. Too much sugar in blood will change the blood circulation condition, decreasing the blood flow velocity. The force to the blood vessel and the waists deposition in the blood vessel both can cause damage to the kidney innate cells, changing the function of filtration barrier. With the GFR decrease, toxin such as creatinine, bun can not be excreted out of body. Then creatinine 3.8 in Diabetic Kidney Disease appear.

A scientific diet plan for patients with creatinine 3.8 in Diabetic Kidney Disease

1. Low sugar intake: practices and clinic experiences prove that having a good control of blood sugar can decrease the risk of getting Diabetic kidney Disease.

2. Low salt intake: low salt intake can decrease the condition of water and sodium retention, alleviating the symptoms of edema and high blood pressure.

3. Low protein intake: the purpose of low protein intake is to lighten the burden of kidney which can cause further damage to the kidney.

Natural therapy to lower creatinine 3.8 in Diabetic Kidney Disease

According to what we mentioned, we can know the key to lower creatinine3.8 is repair kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair the kidney naturally. It includes many kinds of Chinese herbs which contain some active substances that have the functions of promoting blood circulation and melting blood clots. With the blood flow velocity being normal, the damage to the kidney will stop. Gradually, the injured innate cells will be repaired and the creatinine 3.8 in Diabetic Kidney Disease will be lowered through our natural treatment.

If you are interested in our therapy or have other questions, you can contact our online doctor or send an email to, we will give you a reply within 24 hours.

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