Diabetic nephropathy and creatinine 5.3: can I avoid dialysis

With the development of our material life, we eating habits also changed a lot. And the diabetic patients is growing all the time. As the mainly complication of diabetic, according to the research, 30-40%’s patients develop into diabetic nephropathy patients. In addition, almost all the diabetic nephropathy patients have high creatinine accompany. A few days ago, there was a patient who asked: Diabetic nephropathy and creatinine 5.3: can I avoid dialysis? The answer is absolutely Yes! Now I will give you a brief introduction about diabetic nephropathy and our natural treatments.

In clinic, there will show different symptoms according to the patients’ illness. Due to the lost of protein, the common symptom may be the swallow. Apart from swallow, patients may go blind or amputation. As for creatinine, we know that the kidney playing a role of eliminate toxins, healthy kidney can do this job well. But once the kidney get damaged, as GFR decreases, toxins cannot be eliminated from blood. Result in high creatinine. General speaking, creatinine 5.3 means that your kidney disease have developed into stage four and if you do not receive proper treatment, the disease will develop into stage 5 in a short time.

Right now, towards diabetic nephropathy and high creatinine, the common treatment is dialysis, patients will undergo dialysis about three times a week and it can lower the high creatinine in some extent. But dialysis is only the method that maintain patients life. Once begin dialysis, it is difficult to get rid of and has various side effects accompany. For example dialysis syndrome, urine amount decline. So the measure that can avoid dialysis is necessary.

Recently, the natural treatments shows good effects in treating diabetic nephropathy and high creatinine. For example, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, it is known to all that Chinese medicine has a long history and this is the unique treatment of China, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine, but used external, two bags full of Chinese medicine will put under the lower back of the patients. Then with the help of osmosis device and patient’s skin, effective material will be sent to kidney directly and repair damaged kidney, improve kidney function.

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