How to take care of Diabetic Nephropathy patients

There are many people who ask how to take care of diabetic nephropathy patients, about this question, the experts summarized some points that patients should pay attention to.

1. diabetic nephropathy patients should arrange the diet

For diabetic nephropathy patients, following light dinner, avoid wine and tobacco as well as spicy food, when the kidney function be damaged, they should limit the intake of protein, the protein mainly sources from egg white, milk and lean meat. Then drink the oral amino acid to avoid inanition. In addition, the most important is to limit the intake of sugar, which has directly influence in diabetic nephropathy.

2. Make sure of enough sleep and rest

Patients should make sure of enough sleep and rest. When sleeping in the bed, a lot of blood reflux to kidney, which is good for the recovery of diabetic nephropathy. Adults should ensure 7-8 hours sleeping time, and keep a quiet sleeping environment, take a foot bath are all good for sleep. Patients should not drink tea and eat food, which will affect the quality of sleep quality. Take proper exercise when working.

3. Patients should get a further understanding about diabetic nephropathy

Patients should get a further understanding about diabetic nephropathy, some patients need to do renal biopsy confirm the illness and treatment as well as diagnose. When patients have a further understanding about diabetic nephropathy, it can reduce the fear and enhance cooperation with the doctor.

Keep a healthy lifestyle and diet, and cooperate with doctor. these are all good for the recovery of diabetic nephropathy.

However, whatever how careful in life, the most important thing is find effective treatments, based on long term research of HuaXia kidney disease hospital, a series of therapies are used in diabetic nephropathy patients, for example TCM therapy, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, blood stasis therapy and so on. Different from western treatments, these therapies are based on traditional Chinese medicine and show good effects on diabetic nephropathy.

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