Diabetic Nephropathy and Lower Leg Edema

Diabetic Nephropathy and Lower Leg EdemaDiabetic nephropathy is a typical kidney disorder in clinic. Lower leg edema is a common symptom of the disease. So, how does it occur, and how to treat it? In this article, we will give you the answer.

The causes of lower leg edema

The main causes of edema are water-sodium retention and loss of much protein. Generally, healthy kidneys can adjust the balance of fluid, and the urine may contain less protein. However, in diabetic nephropathy, due to the decline of kidney function, there will be much protein in urine, in this case, lower leg edema may occur.

How to treat lower leg edema in diabetic nephropathy?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The core purpose of the therapy is to improve kidney function. During the course, patients just need to lie on the bed. And two bags filled with shattered medicines will be placed on the patients’ back, with the help of osmosis equipment, the medicines can be absorbed by kidney lesions adequately.

Moreover, by enhancing blood circulation, repairing damaged tissues and cells, providing nutrients for kidneys, renal function can be improved. In this case, lower leg edema can be treated, and some related symptoms of diabetic nephropathy can also be relieved.

In addition, the therapy is safe, all the medicines come from nature. And the cost of the therapy is reasonable, most patients can accept. If you have interest, sending to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Besides, keeping a healthy diet is also important.

Patients should control the fluid intake, because too much water will aggravate lower leg edema, and which is not beneficial to control the condition. In addition, they should have a diet of low-fat, low-protein, quit drinking and smoking, avoid too much salt so as to relieve the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy.

Besides, patients with lower leg edema should avoid strenuous activities, they can take some moderate exercises, such as, Tai Chi, yoga, walking, jogging, etc.

However, knowing the above info is not enough, if you want to learn more details about diabetic nephropathy and lower leg edema, contact with our online doctors directly, we are always here to help you.


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