How to Reduce Protein in Urine With Diabetic Nephropathy

How to Reduce Protein in Urine With Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy patients are often detected with protein in urine, without timely and proper treatment, kidney damage will be more severe. Then, what effective treatments can be adopted?

Well management of blood sugar level

To slow down the progression of diabetic nephropathy and reduce proteinuria, the primary step should be well control of blood glucose. And medications like Gliguidone is often used.

Well control of blood pressure

During the treatment of proteinuria, it also significant to bring blood pressure under control. As for the anti-hypertensive drugs, doctors usually prescribe patients with ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, etc. Under certain circumstances, diuretics may be needed.

Follow a low-protein diet

To control the condition well, a low-protein diet is of great significance. Generally, the quantity can be controlled within 0.6-0.8g/kg/d. Meanwhile, patients also need to supply some essential amino acids. Wanna get a individualized advice? Our Online Service will always be here for you.

Hot compress therapy

To reduce or eliminate protein in urine, the core of treatment should be aimed at restoring kidney function from the underlying cause. And that’s the major reason why hot compress therapy is recommended.

Compared with corticosteroids or immunosuppressive agents, herbs of this therapy are all selected from nature, so patients do not need to worry about the side effects.

In addition, with the help of osmosis device, these herbs can be fully absorbed by kidney lesion. After about 7 to 49 days systematic treatment, kidney function can be enhanced eventually. Once the root cause is settled, protein in urine could be treated effectively. If you have interest in this, please send us the test report to directly.

In daily life, patients also need to develop a healthy lifestyle. Such as, take moderate physical activities regularly, quit smoking and drinking, get adequate sleep and so on.

By taking the above measures, we belive proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy can be reduced effectively. Best wishes!

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